Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Demotivational Speaker

I leave tomorrow morning for another tour. New band. New album. New Show. I'm hoping to get an hour or two to myself in Seattle so that I can see that newfangled library that they've got. I hear the Chinese gardens are something else as well. Other than that it's just hanging with pals and doing shows. I've been feeling pretty stagnant lately in terms of work. I tried to kick myself in the ass by going to the Moma yesterday. I'm still not sure how I feel about it other than it's a very small museum for such a large city, and they seem to have ended up with the dregs of modern art. They must have been last in line at some point, and ended up with the 'blank canvas as artistic statement' piece and 'crumpled construction paper as metaphor for life's futility' sculpture. These things happen. I'm going to see Prince next week at Coachella, which is a nice thing. Although the last time I saw him it was in Atlanta, and Morris Day and the Time opened up. That was pretty stellar.