Monday, April 09, 2007

Fish in a barrel

Lexi and I went to the Monterey aquarium a few days ago. I am rounding out my tour of Northern California's captive animals (see previous excursion to the SF zoo). I am considering San Quentin next. Jokes, really. It was my first time at the aquarium, and while it was teeming with over-stimulated children it was a really amazing place.

It was screaming for psychadelic drugs, however.

You are not the boss of me.

Where I come from these little bastards are lunch.

I have no idea what brand of prehistoric monster this guy was, but shit. That's all I've got. Shit.


Driving back into SF we watched the fog roll in. The temperature dropped as the cloud cover quickly blocked out the sun.

Welcome home.

Tomorrow I fly to NY to start Interpol rehearsals. I am putting the previous touring ugliness behind me. I already feel like I am appreciated, which is a nice thing. Tomorrow night I'll be out with Harley, Bobby, Ally and some fellow known only as 'Mad Chiller.' This should prove to be interesting.