Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow Day

No school tomorrow

Draconian Measures

There's not much else to do at a Best Western 15 miles from Mexico on a sunny day in October other than hit a few pawn shops, wander aimlessly through Ralph's and then lie by the pool. I wandered back to the same shop four times in a day wrought with fits of boredom and indecision over whether or not to buy an old acoustic guitar. I settled on 'not' since I'm a hack guitar player, and it would necessitate me carrying it all over the country not actually playing it. Now I sort of regret it. Such is life.

I've got your Mavericks right here sucker. Don't forget to vote.

and take warning.

No more cold, cold Canada. No more hockey rinks. No more raisin soda. It feels good to be back west coasting it. The weather has been grand especially in light of the snowstorms back East.

So, I need a halloween costume. I was thinking of going as Dave Mustaine, but Patrick wants to go as Danzig's drum riser, so that just throws a monkeywrench into the whole operation. I'm thinking if I can go for a cardboard Fabio in a bookstore vibe,  AND incorporate some tater mitts into it then I'll be a happy little fella.

This tour is nearing its end after what seems like a few months. and is actually more like six weeks for me. I might as well be in the merchant marines for all the good it's gotten me. Everything is blending into one big, loud bright memory.

So last weekend was Bridge School. It was a leisurely (read slightly boring) few days out in Sunnyvale, CA. I got to see some Wilco, some Cat Power, a lot of Neil Young, and I heard Josh Groban gargle through a weepy version of 'disarm' with Billy Corgan. On Friday night we all piled into vans and rode out to Neil Young's 150-acre broken arrow ranch for his annual barbecue. It was the most amazing house that I think I have ever seen. We pulled in after dark to find the old wood house dimly lit with candles and lanterns. It's an immaculately-built hobbit house built on a hill near a lake that looks like it's been added on to for years. We had an amazing dinner, and sat out on the back deck and chatted to some folks. Then we wandered around the house for a bit checking out Hank Williams memorabilia and old photos of Dylan. I can't really explain what it's like to leaf through Neil Young's record collection, but I can say that it was an experience.

That's entertainment