Monday, December 07, 2009

Took a shit and died

It did.

Christmas Spirit

Winter has arrived in LA today. There is nothing better to do except unpack a box or two, and lie on the couch (new, and red velvety) watching Jersey Shore. I'm cold and worn out. I have done unspeakable things this week; things that I swore I'd never do, like go to Ikea, and eat sushi at a mall food court. I have been bested not once, but twice by what is commonly referred to as a 'shower caddy.' Trials and tribulations. Alas, the holidays are here. Get your LED menorahs while they are hot (or not).

This Christmas everyone is getting something really nice from me because I decided, against the better judgment of my accountant and therapist to sell all of my gold jewelry to an elf outside the lady footlocker in the mall. It was a risky move, but I stand by my decision. I mean, clearly I wasn't the only one. I just wonder what that little guy was going to do with it all. Sell it to a leprechaun, I presume.

As long as we don't lose sight of what the holidays are really all about. Jeebus. And to all a good night.