Friday, September 01, 2006


I have begun a self-imposed quarantine.

I am hibernating until it stops raining and the sun comes out. I have lots of food, booze, books, dvds and such, and I'm not afraid to stay in until next April. Before I shut the door on the outside world, I ran a few errands. I was looking for a copy of the Chunklet book, which just came out, and I found one, right underneath the big, fat bookstore cat. I let sleeping cats lie and moved along, but I did sign a petition to fill McCarren pool with water before I left. Novel idea. I'm holding out for indie water polo.

I made it out to The Living Room last night to see my friend Steve sing some songs. His (now defunct) band Longwave were pretty alright. I did a tour with them many years ago. We were in an old converted van for a few days. We drove up the East coast listening to the Flaming Lips most of the way. When we got to Cape Cod for a show it was late and dark. We drove out to the beach and took a running jump off of the sand dunes. It was too dark to see the sand below, otherwise we might not have jumped. I was pouring sand out of my pockets and shoes for the next few days. I saw some folks I hadn't seen in a while. It was good to see some pals in good spirits.

And you can't possibly be in a sour mood when one of your friends is on stage playing a Ukelele and whistling along with it. It's just not possible, even if it is a rainy Friday night and you are cold and soaked.

I went to see A Scanner Darkly last night all by myself because no one else is a geek, or maybe everyone else just really dislikes Keaneu Reeves. Fair enough. I thought it was good. Dicks. Afterwards I wandered around Ludlow and Orchard for a while. It had been a while since I was out doing the pub crawl thing on a Friday night. It was pretty rough. Weather aside, there was some seriously bad downtown juju in the air last night. There seemed be so much ugly drunken aggression about. I saw two branches of the armed forces fight it out in a random drunken episode. It's amazing how quick to anger most members of the Navy are when you suggest that they may have recently felated someone on a boat. It's not even fleet week yet, and already I'm concerned for the security of our nation's ports. The only possible explanation for the unabashed hostility is that there are suddenly fewer women than men in NY. Last night the city seemed to be full of young men, full of themselves. I went to meet an old friend in a bar and had to call it quits early because I just couldn't hang. I had a good chat earlier in the afternoon and was feeling pretty zen for most of the evening, and I didn't need to be getting thrown out of a shitty bar anyways. I am starting to be an old man for fuck's sake. I'm sure I missed some good stabbings though.

Dark days...(quite literally, where has the sun gone?) and only crazy people are out tonight.

I am staying in and reading the heart is deceitful above all things...see where that gets me.