Friday, October 13, 2006


Made it to SF with all of our bags and I'm assuming most of our boxes. So begins the process in reverse: Find apartment, move boxes in, unpack boxes, buy furniture, move furniture in, habitate. I am tired, and for the first time in nearly a year I have a raging cold. I won't discuss the 12 hours it took to fly from NY to SF (O'Hare was closed for most of the day due to Air Force One's landing there), but let it be known that I have taken far too much abuse from American Airlines this week. I slept like the baby jesus last night in Jamie's uber-plush bed. It's mostly like sleeping in Santa's sleigh if it were filled to the brim with marshmallows. I also watched his new TV, which I think may be an even 2 yards wide, and drank his beer. It's foggy today. I suppose I should get used to it. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is playing at the Warfield tonight. I am going down to see the show I put together in the flesh. My birthday is on Tuesday. I want to be camping in Big Sur when I turn 27.