Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Has Nine Arms and Sucks?

I am flying home tomorrow nearly two weeks before the scheduled end of the tour due to the band's illness. This is actually really great news. There was a black cloud hovering over our touring party for a few weeks. We survived the worst of it (well, some of us did), and I will be paid in full for the entire tour. I'll think fondly of my day rate as I walk around Big Sur in the sunshine. I will shortly be leaving euroland sooner than expected. I will miss the oddities. In Stockholm there were Cactus flavored candies in the minibar.

In Sweden kids always sit down before the show. Some of them take their shoes off too. It's a strange thing.

The most cluttered sight ever. Today we got to take all of this off of truck, put it piece by piece on a freight elevator and set it up on stage. As soon as it was done we learned that the show was cancelled. We got to do it all in reverse.

Can I get that guarantee in writing? One of many smashed acoustic guitars that are still with us, in a variety of pieces.

Wardrobe. Seriously.

We did a show in a theatre that was producing a long running musical about Elvis the other night. I was dying to fly this thing in during one of the band's more quietly introspective numbers.

Best. Haircut. Ever.

I am going home. Indeed.

Sorry For The Inconvenience

But this tour is temporarily out of order.