Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comfort Level Zero

So, I'm back after a week or so in NY. I went so see some friends and family, had a blast and ran myself ragged in the process.

I fought off a premature hangover, and Harley, Amy and I hit up the Armory Show on Sunday.

It was really pretty overwhelming. The combination of a hundred or so art galleries and dealers showing thousands of pieces of art spread over two full warehouses would make anyone tired, and a lesser man despise anything labeled as artwork for as long as he lived.

I guess it takes something really special to stand out in a swarm of nonsense. Nothing is a good start.

I stayed with Matt and Jamie in their place on Ave C for most of my time in NY. They are good people, though it took a bit of adjusting to get back on a 22 year-old's schedule of staying up all night and sleeping all day. Most of my nights were filled with free drinks and flanked on either end by pizza and pancakes. Worse lives have been lived.

I made it out to Jeresy for a few days as well. It was a bizarre trip. The neighborhood where I spent many years is being bought out, torn down and turned into wetlands. More here.

It was a grim time, mostly filled with cold, dark days as my jet lag slowly became straight insomnia, but in the end I'm glad I did it. Even with a little distance, I feel as though I'm lacking in any insight.

It was nice to see some of these places as I remember them maybe for the last time.

Before I left Jamie and I went up to The Whitney.

The permanent collection, and walk-through video installation were stellar.

But I mostly went for the Jenny Holzer exhibit. It put some hair on my chest.

All in, it was good times. I saw some old friends, and some old places, ate some good food, and digested some art. I'll miss you New York, you silly, bizarre old city.