Monday, May 15, 2006

European Signage

These are the things that I see...

Territorial Sea

The time to enjoy a European tour is about three weeks after you unpack.
-George Ade

It feels like ages since I've been able to put up any pictures on this confounded thing. The internet is such an inconstant variable in my life these days that I almost don't miss it. I've said goodbye to television...going on two weeks now, but I am officially bored. The tour has gone antisocial. When there is the opportunity to get online people cram themselves twenty-deep into a room and ignore one-another. I've been mostly walking. The days seem to be getting longer because, in fact, they have. From out the window of my bunk last night/early morning the sun never quite set, but just remained a faint glow in the sky all night.

I'm in Trondheim today, upper Norway. It's pretty cold here, especially for summer. I broke out my hat, scarf and gloves to go for a walk this afternoon.

Tomorrow is the first day off in ages. I'll get a few hours in a hotel after the drive to Stockholm, maybe a shower, and then back to work. I'm feeling beat down by the tour at this point. Just an exhausted malaise, really, but I suppose the road leads where it leads...

The Way I'm Feeling Today

.. a bit like this.

Like Comedy, but Without the Laughter

Continuing adventures in the land of no ice and no napkins....

We're getting into it now. Five consecuitive days of unloading this truck, putting on a show, loading it back up, laughing and drinking into the morning, and then doing it all over again. Thoughts become disconnected and time seems to fly by, and somehow stand still at the same time.

I feel like it has all been a big mess..cities, countries all blending into eachother. There was Brussels, and the cathedral.

And this guy, who I followed for several blocks because I thought that he was some sort of Belgian crimefighter, or at least was going somewhere interesting where there were more people like him... sitting around, talking about tiny jackets and such.

There was Koln, where Stuart told the audience to sit down, and about a thousand of them just dropped to the floor.

I never pegged Germans as the obedient type...jokes, really.

And Hamburg also known as 'poon city' to the locals, where backwards sexual acts are only a dozen Euros away.


I found a carnival in gets none more bleak than this.

This is on a wall backstage at a club in Oslo...those that have come before us...

I feel like I haven't eaten properly in ages. I'd really like Thanksgiving on a Roll from Chat and Chew in NY, or an In and Out Burger. I can't take another european pizza.

and onward into the cold Norwegian summer...