Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to Mono

Shut up tea, what do you know about anything?

My time at home really slipped away, like Foucalt's giant wristwatch. Each downed peg a monument to pleasant, idle homelife.

After much deliberation Jamie came out for my last week in SF. It was good times, and it was good to have someone to dick around with during the day, plus he got to flee NY's wintery grasp. We strolled around town, ate some good food, and went to the science museum to harass the fish, as you do.

We spent a good few days at the beach as well. In Marin I dug a deep hole into some wet sand and planted a big log upright in it because that's what you do when you have both time and a large log on your hands.

We rode up to Point Reyes in search of oysters but found all of the roadside stands were shut. I suppose we could have waded out and farmed our own.

Had my own little version of groundhog day as well. It doesn't so much matter when it's sunny and warm in California though.

2 months gone, and it's time to see some friends, pack, catch a cold and leave for Japan.