Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Sudden Lack of Content

It seems that I've had very little to say during my month-long break, but plenty of time in which to say it. Now I'm suffering from a case of the opposite. Work has been a bit all-consuming lately, to say the least. I've barely had the time to notice where I am, though I think I'm here, wherever that may be. This tour started in Halifax, which is an odd spot to be in any way you look at it.

Nova Scotia was pretty cold and bleak, but I wouldn't really imagine it being anything other than that. I didn't make it outside much, but when I did it looked pretty much like this all the time.

We flew to Toronto for a show at one of my least favorite places in the world. Not so much Toronto, but the one black hole of a club in Toronto. The owners of said club have changed the name and put a coat of paint or two over the dead things that used to live there, but I'm not buying it. That place is a haunted dump, though pretty fitting for its derelict surroundings. It really would make an excellent lair for an evil villain.

The only thing nearby was a huge Japanese grocery store where you can buy things like pickled blowfish and, it would appear, dolphin jerky. It's meant to be quite the taste sensation.

There is a pretty amazing view from the back of the club looking across Lake Ontario towards downtown. After the show I took this super long exposure shot. It reminds me of those wavy pictures that you always see in Chinese restaurants. And now I want Lo Mein.

We had a day off in Philly, and my friend Ryan took a bunch of us out to The Mutter Museum. I was calling it either the freak show, or the dead baby museum for a few days, and I would have to say that it lived up to both of those descriptions. It's a fairly graphic collection of medical anomalies from the past century. I missed out on the trip my last time through Philly. Pretty glad I made it this time.

Man, imagine shopping for clothes for these little guy (s)?

Against all possible odds we worked up a good appetite and decided to head to fishtown for oysters. I think fishtown is more commonly a place to go if you want to get stabbed, not if you want to get oysters, by the way, but the oysters were pretty decent all the same.

On the way out I saw my favorite exhibit in the museum. Tucked away in a little corner was a piece of John Wilkes Booth in a jar. Not really sure which piece, but it was small, and maybe had hair.

The next show was in DC at the D.A.R. Hall. I'm always afraid to touch/break anything in the room since everything seems so precious and historic, though I did change the name of the box seat I was in from 'Idaho' to 'Youdaho.' No one laughed.

I strolled over to the White House, as you do. It was good times, and there were far fewer people taking pictures with middle fingers raised then the last time I was there. Strange.

I also picked up the lights for the tour. The first day looked a bit like a garage sale.

But I think it's coming together nicely.

I feel old, and I feel tired, and I'm off to get lost in the midwest.