Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fear The Batcat

Ally came to town with the mighty Mogwai this week. It has been a jamboree of good time friend visits since I've been home. I really can't complain other than the fact that I have not once spent a day on the couch watching old ministry videos on youtube or re-reading old issues of the new yorker. We had a few hours to hang. I stopped by in the afternoon to see that they had not one, but four, six foot-long pedal boards. Again, the shows require a diesel generator and 700 gallons of fuel in order to make a guitar sound like a saxophone being force-fed into the mouth of hell.

That said, it was a really amazing show. I have, oddly enough, really been enjoying live music lately (and by lately I mean the last 2 shows). Mogwai was pretty bombastic. It was nice to see the old guys. The new songs seem to be really focused, and all downright dark. Kudos. Speaking of downright dark, I just ordered a new camera because the uber chic, blade runner job that I got in Korea last year is still fighting my photographic intuition and turning up shitty photos. Sorry.

The days are just packed. Nick and I got the company baseball tickets and sat behind home plate for most of the afternoon. It was roasting hot, but a pretty eventful game. Not the least of which was the guy, three rows back and five beers deep who was hurling insults at the opposing team's pitcher. He was keen to remind him where the strike zone was, how to swing the bat, and what a kind, gentle woman his mother was.

Today I sat on the beach and watched the grey whales migrate up the coast, and I took a dip in the cold, cold Pacific. I am content and at ease, which is a strange and unusual place for me to be.