Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Soup, Poor Focus

Rbally just put up the Queens of the Stone Age set from T-in the Park last year. It's a corker. Check it HERE

I wish that those dicks over at BUDDYHEAD would hurry the shit up and update their site with something other than You Tube cocaine videos, because the days just seem a bit longer without it.


You're Not Listening

Listen up....

The Knife are shit hot, and I hear that they never play live. That said, here are two live tracks that are all moody and hyptnotic and remind me of Angelo Badalamenti from David Lynch's world of odd things. Heartbeats actually is the Twin Peaks theme...thus making it a very good song.

Heartbeats Live

Pass This On Live

Track Mogwai on tour. This is a great idea...FOLLOW THE BEAST

Brotherly Love My Sweet Ass

Yesterday I received a number of braile alphabet cards in the mail. Riding into the city I ran my fingers over the raised nubs on the card, closed my eyes and tried to picture actual letters. I realized that were I blind I would be totally fucked. I considered spending more time with the cards and maybe actually learning a bit of the braile language so that I could read with my eyes shut. It would be an excellent parlor trick, if nothing else. This inspired moment lasted for maybe 17 seconds before I saw something shiny outside.

Today I am in Philly....

What a bizarre place...

where wild camels roam the plains....


..and John Wayne and a one-armed bartender shoot the shit behind a golden bar....

....and these dudes eat all of your cereal and there's not much that you can do about it because they live in your cabinets and make weird faces at you when you're in the kitchen...

...a place where the golden rule prevails....

...and where electricity can be both deadly and brightly-colored (I mean, it looks like a playground for chrissake)

...and everyone goes on about some goddamn bell...

..but I guess it's not too shabby.

A day in the life of moral corruption

Television is creeping it's way back into my heart, resting it's hard plastic face on my shoulder. I woke up yesterday and it was as if Showtime had been programmed just for me. It was a magical few hours. Often at noon on a Friday Showtime features movies involving a monkey (chimp, orangutan, etc) wrapped up in some hair-raising scheme to win a downhill skiing race or catch a bank robber or something.


(Just an aside: In trying to find information on 'Dunston Checks In' I was shocked to find that Dunston, who I'm assuming is the monkey, chimp, orangutan, what have you, doesn't have his name listed. I mean, the monkey starred in the movie, did he not? There is no justice in the world. Furthermore, in searching for the monkey on the information superhighway I came across an article making reference to "The golden age of chimpanzees in Hollywood." What?)

As I was saying, at noon on Friday, Showtime aired 'And Now for Something Completely Different, followed by Koyaanisqatsi . No Shit. I ate a bowl of cereal, made a phone call and took a shower before the Apollo 11 scene was over, and I swear that the Phillip Glass organ piece is about 45 minutes long. Madness. That said, it was a good morning.

This looks really cool.

I really can't get this song out of my head. I can listen to it all day long, and right now it is the soundtrack to my afternoon in Philly. Get some Built to Spill in your life. The file is in there somewhere.

Put some pants on..