Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yellow-ish Rose of Texas

I heard from a friend you'd been messing around
With a cute little thing I'd been dating uptown
Well I don't know if I like that idea much
Well you'd better stay clear I might start acting rough

You out of town guys sure think you're real keen
Think all of us boys here are homespun and green
But that's wrong my friend so get this through your head
We're tough and we're Texan with necks good and red

So it's Ki yi yippie yi yi
You long hairs are sure gonna die
Our American home was clean till you came
And kids still respected the president's name

And the eagle still flew in the sky
Hearts filled with national pride
Then you came along with your drug-crazy songs
Goddamit you're all gonna die

How dare you sit there and drink all our beer
Oh it's made for us workers who sweat spit and swear
The minds of our daughters are poisoned by you
With your communistic politics and them negro blues

Well I'm gonna quit talking and take action now
Run all of you fairies clean out of this town
Oh I'm dog tired of watching you mess up our lives
Spending the summertime naturally high

From Elton John's 'Texan Love Song.' Like Allen, I am also partial to the 'necks good and red' section. The lyrics relate my current experience in Texas better than I ever could.

Texan Love Song.mp3

Bernie Taupin sure has a set of balls on him. My Anthem for leaving Texas, The Raveonettes Somewhere in Texas. While I think the Raveonettes actually enjoy the idea of Texas, and that is not in keeping with the idea here, they still mention Texas in the song, there for it is apt.

This is an ugly thing. Indie Mardi Gras.

You heard the man...

One final, yet no less troubling thing about Texas, the annual Hands on a Hard Body contest.