Friday, September 21, 2007

Dead Dogs / New Tricks

Today I will mostly be massively confused by the relatively simple directions provided to me by the Tabernacle in Atlanta. It looks like occupational Twister. I have work to do, but something tells me there is some good food to be had here, being the South and all, I just don't know what to do.

I have managed to get myself sick at least once every 3 weeks on this tour. I must say that this is the healthiest that I have been since I was a fetus, I think. No smoking, no coffee, no drugs and every time I take a deep breath I contract bronchitis. Greeeat. Complaints aside, I recuperated yesterday during my day of in Hotlanta (and before you ask, it is still pretty cool to call it Hotlanta). After 18 straight hours of drinking tea and thai spinach soup and watching the last king of scotland and a bit of cnn here and there I am feeling much better, thanks. All of this Dan Rather nonsense seems pretty pertinent these days, but it's been allocated to that little ticker on the bottom of the screen, and was on the 3rd page from the end of USA today. Shame. I can be sure of only one thing: Given several hours with a gradually increasing fever, I am liable to rearrange most, if not all of the furniture in your hotel room to suit my needs. Quite often those needs tend to center around reading in the bathtub.

We have just escaped the wrath of some tropical storm or another coming from the bowels of the beast across central Florida. Orlando was a relative wasteland of themeparkery, as it is. The weather was pretty perfect, if you could ignore the entire day spent at the Hard Rock.

The shows went really well. Things have been picking up after the near disastrous start on the east coast. I even had a chance to get out skateboarding once or twice.

In Orlando Ally and I skated the back lots of Universal Studios after hours. It was pretty great.

Stand back.....

All is right with the world. I've finished downloading fawlty towers, I've finished work early today, and Liars are blaring some excellent reggae from their dressing room. Tomorrow we are off to Nashville. The show is at The Ryman, The Grand Ole Opry> It's a beautiful, historic room. So much so that they hate having rock bands play there. We've got out work cut out for us, but I'm not the least bit concerned about it right now...