Thursday, September 18, 2008


My vacation is almost over, and I can see the darkness at the end of the tunnel. Home has been sweet indeed. I'm off to Chicago towards the end of the month to do some programming (and deprogramming, I'm sure) for the next tour. It's been a nice, leisure-packed few weeks so far.We've got tickets to both Nick Cave shows at the newly renovated Warfield this weekend which should be nothing short of incredible. I've been re-reading Pattern Recognition, and re-realizing how amazing it is. Harley brought this Gibson-esque event to my attention as well. The four or five days of fog broke for a bit yesterday, and I got my bike, and my ass in shape, and rode through the park out to the beach.

Again, getting things in shape I've been poked and prodded by an eye doctor, a dentist and a regular poking and prodding doctor. I pick up a pair of glasses next week as well as the results of a physical. I can tell you one thing for sure, after having about seven pints of blood taken out of my arm the other day it looks like I've been mainlining oatmeal all week. Hurts like a bastard as well.

I much prefer the natural, homeopathic method of caring for yourself. Modern medicine terrifies me (with the slight exception of its remarkable advances in the fields of both sleeping pills and lasers). I take lots of advice from crackpot therapists in California, which, so far, has been working out just fine. In order to combat the the vicious effects of air travel I've gotten hooked on almond oil. The massage therapist who suggested it also insisted that I put clarified butter in my ears. I took a pass on that one, but the oil keeps me greasy and not feeling like a raisin after a 12-hour flight. The only side effect is that I end up smelling like food (albeit delicious, delicious food) for most of the day, and I fear that I am starting to attract bees. Such is life. Tonight I am going out to dinner with some friends even though, due to the aforementioned business at the dentist's I have a filling that makes everything taste like band- aids. Yeah, it's been a weird week. Today I'm having an oddly clumsy day, which is a bit disconcerting seeing as I'm usually pretty sure on my feet, almost cat-like at times. That said, this morning I tripped going down the stairs of my apartment very nearly sending me sledding down three flights and ending my life. Later on, at Wholefoods I took out not one, but two displays. One was face cream and the other, I think, might have been a basket of dog toys. And now I am forced to wonder why there are beans in the printer. I can only assume that this has a good deal to do with my shoddy luck with anything involving anything today.

I'm going to lie down for a while and watch this video a few more times.