Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On mother nature and the destruction of los angeles

It has been raining since Sunday in Los Angeles. The mountain has given it up, and is spewing boulders across the road. The streets are flooded, and LA drivers seem rather convinced that these are signs of an impending apocalypse. I was a doubter myself until a tornado touched down in Long Beach yesterday afternoon, and this morning not one, but two planes were struck by lightning landing into Burbank. Needless to say this is uncharacteristic weather for Southern California. I would moan and complain about the relative lack of daylight, temperatures in the 50s, and seemingly unending water from the sky if I weren't locked in my house in the hills with a bag full of avocados, a book of british tv shows on DVD, several nice bottles of wine and a bit of a headache from many hours of both drinking and bowling last night at a birthday party. Sometimes I wonder who it is that I am becoming. Other times I just go with it.

what if you throw a party and no one comes?

Not true...there were lots of people there actually.

you and your goals....