Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two for flinching

I'll be leaving the western world behind in a few days. I'm flying to Oslo on Thursday, and it'll be a solid 3 weeks of shows in Europe before I am home again. Rumor has it that we are playing with Leonard Cohen in Spain at the end of the month. It seems to me that there will be lots of struggles and hardships between now and then. I don't even need to discuss the profound lack of bare necessities that I face on a regular basis overseas. I'm packing a suitcase and filling it to the brim with napkins, ice, soap and 1,000 other things that I tend to miss. Though I suppose tears can dry, and not looking on the brown side of life always yields an interesting perspective. It might be a blast. This last tour, a lazy romp mostly through the middle of the country that just happened to both start and end in Portland, Oregon was absolutely exhausting. It was all that I could do at the last show to lie in the grass and just sort of let the day roll by.

It was our last show with Rogue Wave. I need to chase those little freaks down in SF. Most of them live in the East Bay, but they are a good time and I'll miss their antics.

I came home to find most of this part of the world on fire. Actually I came home to find San Francisco under a cloud of smoke and ash that blocked out the sun for 3 days, and made it feel like a Russian winter.

I also had some house guests to contend with. They were good fun, and it ended up being awesome to have them crammed into my living room, sleeping on the furniture for a weekend. I think they enjoyed themselves.

We basically knocked it all out in a few days. We hit the mission, the castro, baker beach, the marin headlands and managed to squeeze in brunch and some amazing curry at Indian Oven. It was also pride weekend in the city, which basically constitutes a giant discoteque on Market street. That, and as you could imagine, all sorts of things shaped like dicks. It was a hell of a party.

I'll see you in the land of black metal and eternal winter. Stay warm.