Sunday, January 07, 2007

Charmed, I'm sure

Permit me just one 'life is rather grand' moment here...

The last 3 days in San Francisco have really helped me to understand and appreciate my need to move back here. On Friday I went down to Japantown and did some shopping. I came away with 2 whole, barbecued eels, which are chilling in the freezer just now.

I also got a bunch of fresh fish and the makings for a shit load of homemade sushi. It was damn good too.

Saturday, although most of my day was spent in soul-destroying home goods-type stores, I managed to make it out unscathed. It made me a bit crazy though. This was two or so hours into a Target trip.

That night I went down to Ocean Beach with a camera and some booze to check out the annual christmas tree bon fire. The fire was less than spectacular, mostly a bunch of little fires scattered across the beach, but it was amazing to take the train out to the beach on a chilly Saturday night and warm up by some stranger's fire.

Sunday we woke up early, shook off a bit of a hangover and drove up to Marin to meet Chad and Erin. We went up to Point Reyes and hiked a good ten miles through the Elk preserve on the Northern tip of the point.

The weather was perfect. Point Reyes is the second foggiest area of the country, but today was the clearest and warmest that I've seen it.

We hiked around the roaming herds of elk until the sun started to set...

And then went out to Joe's Tacos on the way home. This is exactly why I live where I live. I am even considering excusing the fact that parking in this city is often a physical impossibility, far too many people have giant poo dreads, most of the park smells like a bum fart and I am now living in a part of the city that people refer to as 'a mini Paris.' Life has just been far too great these last few days.


Tonight I am sleepy...