Friday, June 16, 2006

Are you kidding? I invented danger.

Over it.

I guess Ben Folds didn't get the memo.

Radiohead, Sonic Youth and Steven Malkmus are playing the rest of the festival. I bailed before Tom Petty even put on his wig and laced up his petticoat tonight. It's been a day of near catastrophic unpreparedness and lack of supervision. Hippies run amuck. It reminds me of Altamount if instead of Hell's Angels everyone was kept in line by about eleven teengae girls who are there to see bright eyes. Maybe that's why a completely naked man was allowed to climb on stage, up a lighting truss and then swan dive into the ground this afternoon. Just a thought.

This little moment captures everything that I despise about summer festivals. The crowds, the heat, the filth, the throngs of sunburned bodies, the stupid hats, the open cess-pool toilets, Ben Folds...I'm glad that I've come to this realization as I prepare to dive head-long into a month of european festivals. Pity me.

That's alright 'cause the cab pretty much killed it tonight. I was watching from the side of the stage and it was so odd to see the crowd, as far as I could see, all mouthing the words along with the band. It must be strange to look out and see ten thousand people staring at you and singing your own song back to you. The kids loved it for sure. It was good to see.


It's an odd profession, to be sure, but it's more readily apparent around festival season that my work revolves around other people's leisure. It's like being a bartender for thousands of people. I try to conduct business and create a little bit of beauty while you are on your seventh Coors light stumbling to the dance tent to feel up some underage pink-skinned slut in a tie-dyed t-shirt. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just saying don't drink Coors light, I mean have a little bit of self respect.

On a lighter note, everyone was obsessed with the dressing room tonight. It was covered in tapestries that looked like table cloths, and lots of fake flowers. Everyone had their picture taken in front of this one. This is Chopper. Genius

The 4th Circle of Hell