Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wrapped in a cold, wet blanket

The rain continues to fall, soaking the city to the bone. It makes me feel heavy with exhaustion, so I nap. A lot. Today instead of my view of the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge out of my windows I saw only white. Thick foggy goodness blanketing the city.

My antidote so far has been one of three things: bookstores, movie theaters and sleeping. Today I pulled out the big guns and went to a few museums. The fog in The Presidio was so thick that I had a hard time finding the front door of The Legion of Honor, in spite of it's Romanesque silliness.

I'm not a big fan of antiquities or schoolchildren, so my trip to The Legion of Honor was short lived. They did have some pretty grand sitting rooms without the customary security guards lurking around every corner, so that you could actually sit and enjoy the space. Which was nice.

The de Young was more my speed however. It's a sprawling museum that I've always appreciated more from the outside. Today, though I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I stumbled through several rooms of the maddest watercolors that I'd seen in ages. They have a fine collection of 19th century convex mirrors as well.

The highlight is the nine-story copper tower that, in theory, gives you an unmatched view of the park from its top level. Today I could see the roof of the science museum across the street. That was about all. I hear the sun is coming out tomorrow.