Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Monday

file under: Michel Gondry's shit looks an awful lot like David Cross

oh, and Aaron North is a lunatic...just putting that out there. (That was Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar apparantly, the good folks at the Hard Rock Cafe were not impressed)

A superficial wound or two (electric ass destroyer)

Time flies.

This made me pee, a little. Some drunk dude drops his pants on stage at a Mates of State show in Atlanta.

I figured I'd post some music, maybe for a Sunday night/Monday morning type-scenario.

Longwave- Sunday Night Health mp3. A good band from NY. This is an instrumental from their 'Life of the Party' ep. Listen to it on Monday morning, because you wish that it were still Sunday night. Check their site, they are playing the Mercury Lounge in NY on the 15th.

The Secret Machines- Faded Lines mp3. From their record, 'Ten Silver Drops,' out on the 25th. Tell their Samoan drummer hello here.

Tortise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy- Thunder Road mp3. This cover tears the Bruce Springsteen original a new one. I wish that they would tour this record, but Will Oldham is too busy searching out new swimming holes apparantly....

"There are great things like a good nights sleep and great things like eating well and great things like records and movies, but swimming is above all of those things."

-Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
profound, really.

Low- Turning Over mp3 From their box set, 'A Lifetime of Temporary Relief,' released last year, I think this is one of the best songs that they have ever recorded. It is so goddamn moody from start to finish. Here's the video for 'Tonight the Monkey Dies' which is equally moody, just to give a frame of reference, ya know?


TV on the Radio- Playhouses mp3. From the new record, something about a cookie, I think. This is the winner. If anyone has a copy of them doing 'Ambulance' live, with the beatboxing and the crying and such, please send it along.

Neil Young- Fallen Angel mp3. This will be played at my funeral, thanks.


Ministry's entire tour video..if you have time on your hands...