Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walk of Shame

I stepped off the bus yesterday morning and landed square on this thing. It's funny for a variety of reasons. First of all, I had a freakish dream about Bonnie Raitt baking me a birthday cake not long ago, and just recently Sonic Corpse Glide (who runs a really sweet metal blog) left me a comment attributing the quote "there isn't a face in here I haven't sat on" to Bonnie Raitt. Needless to say, a little shiver went up my spine yesterday morning.

And just as inexplicably as having Bonnie Raitt's name emblazoned into the sidewalk in Memphis is this particular star. I am going to pause.....and not comment on this at all.

When I figure out how to (with the current lack of ezarchive) post music on this thing I am so uploading this entire Bongzilla record that I've been listening to all week.

Big Business

In Memphis today. I walked down Beale Street, like a mini French Quarter, and did some souvenir shopping. It was pissing down rain and getting pretty cold so I ducked into this completely random junk store and found some pretty great stuff. I got this cane:

This old Mason's ring:

I also walked over to Tower records which, unless you are living in a hole, you may have heard is bankrupt and closing all of its stores. The one on Broadway in NY first announced its massive liquidation with 10 % off all cds. Really? The cds were nearly $20 to begin with. These days stuff is around 70 % off the original price. The cds were pretty well picked over, and while I was tempted, I didn't buy this one.

I did get a bunch of books though, since people in Memphis evidently aren't big readers. I scored a David Shrigley collection, the Chunklet Overrated double issue, a Dan Clowes book and a few graphic novel-type things for less than $50. They were selling all of the fixtures in the store as well, including telephones desks and displays. I may end up with a 25 foot-high Jermaine Dupri album cover in my nonexistent apartment. This made me laugh. In this touristy pap store they covered up what is clearly a lapel pin in the likeness of a big, pink dick with a sticker that says 'censored.'

Last night in St. Louis, just as the crowd was filing, out the toilets in the second floor bathroom overflowed sending a dirty waterfall off the balcony onto the main floor. It created quite a panic. Siiiiiiiick.

The days just seem to be getting longer.

And apparently we are no longer in control.

The information age collides with the deep south.


I don't know about this. Scavenger hunts are a good time, but where the hell do you expect me to get a bear? Come on!

Off to the Big Easy tomorrow. First time back since the flood....