Friday, May 05, 2006


Before I left New York I gathered up all of my cd-r's and such that had old photos on them and put them onto a spare hard drive. I've slowly been pouring over them, and have found some real gems...many that I'll put up later. This one made me happy. On a tour years ago, one of our crew guys made this dinosaur out of tape and left it for a friend of his who was working for a band that was playing the following day. It's a nice thing to see in an environment that's often not so nice, and it's also a damn fine dinosaur.

le fromage est vieux et moisi

The cheese is old and moldy.

I find it hard to complain when I wake up here...

It was, however, back to work today. Another stinky theatre...

My experience with Parisians is that they are a very busy people, always doing something, yet they take their leasure very seriously. I was a bit overwhelmed by the busyness today, particularly because it didn't seem like anything was getting done in all the shuffling about to look busy. My friend Emillie was explaining that the recent riots at local universities were about an increase in the hours of a work week. Students refused to work more than 35 hours per week after their graduation, so they burned a few cars and smashed up some shop windows. Fair enough.

Here's a picture of Emillie. She is a photographer who takes lots of pictures of bands that I work with. She is very small, French and confused because I was trying to explain what an incubator was...and I'm not entirely sure why myself.

Oh, and lots of French kids came out to the show, as they do.

I made this..

..but then this happened

The fun machine took a shit and died. Oddly enough I just switched it off and back on again, and it worked like a charm. I could only equate turning a lighting desk off in the middle of a show to a pilot turning off the engines of an airplane mid-flight. So, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic...but it wasn't any fun at all. In the end it all worked out though.