Sunday, February 04, 2007

There are bars like this where I come from


A loss for words on the eve of my departure

I'm off to Montreal tomorrow to start this Arcade Fire nonsense. I had a good weekend. I had sushi at Tsunami which is damn fine, and waited in line with the rset of the suckers to get brunch at this French joint up the block from my apartment. They serve lemon and sour cream pancakes and chai tea in bowls.

I started stressing about the weather in the Northeast. It will be well below freezing for most of the week, and I got rid of most of my uber cold weather gear. Hell, it was warmer in Alaska. So, I went out to shop for a winter coat. It was about 60 degrees and sunny today. It was no fun shopping for a coat.

I was, by chance, out at The Presidio, on the Bay this afternoon. It had slipped my mind that The Queen Mary II was coming into San Francisco today. I drove by just in time to see it float by. That is one hell of a boat.

It is, I think, the second largest ship in use today. It holds 3,000 or so passengers, has 15 restaurants and a damn planitarium. Nice. My friend Brian took a trip from NY to England on the ship a year ago. A good amount of it was constructed down the street from his house in Glasgow. He was pretty excited. When a bunch of people went to see him off he hung his underpants out the port hole of his room, so they would know that he was there.

On Saturday I hiked (by hiked I mean drove my car 3/4's of the way to) up to the Sutro Tower. The massive radio/TV tower dominates the view around my place. It was really amazing up close.

Then I went out to Twin Peaks. I had looked at apartments there, but never been on top of the mountain and seen the view. It's pretty alright.

I ended the day as the sun set out at Ocean Beach. These are things that I will miss.