Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fascinating, really

Sure is

The Fire in Dublin

The crowd was louder than the band last night, and the band was loud. That's the problem with writing 2 records of anthemic sing-a-longs. Everyone wants to sing along. It was a good time, but I felt really detached from it all. I don't really know anyone in the band, so when there is a big celebration for something great after the show in the dressing room I feel like an imposter so I lamp out, and I wander the streets alone. Another show tonight in the same room. The shot from the TV was literally my view of the stage all night. This was as much of the stage that I could see from under the balcony. Criminal.

I suppose it's as good as the view from the upper balcony. Sweet Jesus it made me feel like peeing, and I was only up there for 5 mins.

There was a big hold up last night as it was the first show of a tour with new crew and a ton of flights were delayed due to weather so everyone was late getting in. All in All the show was about an hour or so behind. It was boring for the most part as there was no crisis in my world.

I concentrated mostly on my fine art leanings. I call this 'still life with fruit and tape.'

And 'a job well done, aside fruit and radio.'

There are many multiple nights in theatres on this tour, and lots of days off in hotels. I am going to be one lazy little guy by the end of it all. I had hoped to lose my 'two months off/culinary tour of san francisco' fat. No chance at this rate.


Dublin (really)

I walked to HMV in the rain while I was waiting for things to happen. I was appalled by the prices. Even with the brief upswing of the dollar these days the grinderman record (which I dismissed as noise, but have since grown to enjoy) was almost $30. This, however, was on sale for some reason. You have to be shitting me.

I had this delivered to my room last night. What a wonderful world.