Sunday, February 10, 2008

They Live, We Sleep

2 more hours before I throw some t-shirts in a suitcase and fly to New Zealand. It will be tough to leave. It's been a lazy yet productive 2 months back home, and it's been a remarkably amazing couple of days.

After watching John Carpenter's They Live, we went to see The Super Furry Animals last night.

It was pretty mellow, and not as raging (albeit folky) as I had remembered. Maybe without the staple yeti suits they feel a bit naked on stage. It's understandable. Still, everything seems so perfect at The Great American.

I did come away with one hell of a t-shirt though.

I am not your play thing.

Today was stunning. I broke in the new frisbee that my dad sent me for Christmas. It is one of those MIT-designed, NASA-tested jobs that can fly for over seven miles and cut a dog in half at close range. I told Lexi that it was designed for astronauts to play frisbee in space, but then realized that that wasn't even funny. Imagine how slow it would be.

Then we got Frank's dogs at the beach. It's hard to dispute the idea that it was a perfect day. I didn't find a suitcase full of gold, and Mark Twain didn't make me an omelette this morning. Other than that...pretty flawless.

New Zealand had better be up to some good things, because home has been rather grand these days.

Not it