Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I have always been here before...

I am a legal man. It's a small feat for anyone who leads a reasonably stationary life unlike mine, which seems to be in a constant state of flux. Since I have moved back West I have managed several things that I am proud of. They are generally of the most mundane type, but think of it this way. Things that are generally easy for most of you are often difficult for me. The opposite also tends to be true. For you, mailing a letter may be a simple thing, for me not so much. I have no envelopes, no stamps and most likely no address to send a letter to. I also don't know where the mailbox is. Conversely I don't have much problem packing all of my belongings into a small suitcase and flying to say, Japan for a few weeks. You may not feel the same. Anyone who travels with two-bit bands for a living knows how hard it can be to pay bills and remember birthdays and such. Again, I digress. In addition to finding an apartment and furniture and things of that nature I have done the following with my month off(and this doesn't include the dicking around at French restaurants and sitting on the beach):

-Got and utilized a library card (I haven't had one since I was 15)
-Made an appointment with and got a check up from a doctor (I am often not well)
-Made an appointment with, and had things pulled out of my mouth by, a dentist (I'd rather not talk about it)
-Got my car out of storage
-Updated my registration at the DMV
-Applied for and got a parking permit (this involves retinal scans and drawing blood and such)
-Secured a parking space in a lot 3 blocks from my house
-Negotiated and paid off a student loan
-Updated my voter registration

Take that adult world. I am now a half-participating member of society. I can, if nothing else, be taxed and drafted like a normal human being. It feels good to be legal. I think I'm going to apply for a credit card now.

Here's a picture of no fewer than 5 people washing my car today. It's like being a king. A king who drives a honda.

Please Stop Putting Shit On My Car