Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The sun was shining in Boston this morning, which is a bit like it shining on a dog's ass.

Ever feel like the pube in a pile of fluffy white towels?

A place for everything....

This Man Has Just Shit His Pants

-After seeing a pair of pants in an Army/Navy store today with what is commonly described as a 'zip-through crotch,' I began to wonder under what circumstances these would come most in handy. Maybe if you are in the trenches, and don't have time to drop trou, then you can just unzip and go like a horse, as you are walking and/or firing a rifle at someone. With this troubling my mind, I consulted my friend Allen who enlightened me on his first-hand understanding of a sniper's responsibilities when in the line of duty. "Apparently you just go." As the well-trained sharp-shooter must keep his sight firmly focused on his target and disregard things like eating sleeping and the like, and, well, just go, I suppose. Weird.

Oh, a sniper's life for me...

Fun Machine

Hand Dryer, Montreal, 2006 -R.Mutt