Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lucas Vs. The Volcano

Man. It was hot yesterday.

We did this free outdoor festival in this massive park just outside of Bonn. The lineup was mostly German bands who were on the not so good side, but whatever. It was a gorgeous day, and the Germans like some food.

I had dreams of this when I was a kid.

Now I have dreams, or more often nightmares of this...This was Roskilde the other night. Bunch of heathens those Danish are.

There was no real 'artist catering' at the festival so we were turned loose on the festival grounds. Some went for Germananic Mexican food, others the falafel stand. I figured you can't really go wrong in the land of sausage...

There wasn't much to do other than listen to fairly shit German bands who sounded suspiciously like fairly shit American bands. Well, that and watch the world cup in the middle of a park. Both England and Brazil had their asses handed to them. Hoo-rah. Someone started a chant of 'U-S-A' for no particular reason.

People were bungee jumping off of this crane all day long...literally until two in the morning. It was great to hear the variety of pained, horrified yelps that each person belted out about 3/4s of the way down. I'm surprised that none of our lot got talked into doing this.

Nothing quite like getting your pale, sickly New York feet out on a persian rug in the sunshine....


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